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two people eating chocolate two people eating chocolate
🍒 Naughty & new

Pink Cherry Tabs Back in Stock

This exclusive edition blends white chocolate with the sweetness of cherries and roses.
🍒 Heightens Pleasure & Euphoria
💞 Amplifies Emotional Connection
🌹 Enhances Sensual Drive & Performance
Rated 4.4/5 based on +1475 reviews
two people eating chocolate two people eating chocolate


Pleasure-boosting dark chocolate with high-quality natural ingredients to increase your sex performance
🍆 Stimulates Blood Flow*
💦 Enhances Performance*
🍑 Increases Sex Drive*
4.5 stars
Rated 4.4/5 based on +1475 reviews
"Tabs blends historically horny ingredients into the mix to give their dark chocolate a little more... oomph".
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"These pleasure tabs of sex chocolate are going viral! Pop one of these... and GET YOUR LOVIN’ ON".
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"Who knew improving your love life would be so yummy".
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Why 200,000+ customers think tabs delivers unforgettable experience

is ...
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It contains DHEA, Epimedium & Maca Root
to activate & enhance performance
(effects* last 1 - 3h🔥)
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It contains 60% Cocoa sourced from Belgium
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Safe & Effective!
Made in an FDA registered facility in Utah & has
gone through years of Research & Development

Customers can't stop raving about their "fun-in-bed" experience

3 pieces of tabs chocolate 3 pieces of tabs chocolate

Sex Chocolate by

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Sexually enhancing dark chocolate supplement designed and formulated for couples, or single use.
yellow check mark Stimulates Blood Flow* yellow check mark Flavorable and safe to use* yellow check mark Increases Sex Drive for up to 3h*
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4.5 stars
Based on +1475 reviews
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Safe & Effective
Made in FDA Registered Facility &
Constantly Improve Through
Research & development
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Made in
the U.S.A.
Formulated, crafted and
packaged in Utah from
globally sourced ingredients
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30-day Returns
We’re confident you’ll love Tabs, so we offer
a 100% satisfaction guarantee with no-
hassle return & refund policy - more info
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Fast & Discreet
Shipping (2-5 days)
Fast Standard Shipping,
opt for expedited shipping via USPS,
ships in 2-5 Business Days - more info
See tabs in action...
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“We had our fun
last night.”
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“This will change your
love life...seriously”
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“It made our night
so incredible”
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“It definitely increased the
sensation in bedroom”
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Our Process
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Freak In The Spreadsheets
It's important to know what goes into our body. We've open sourced our supplements COAs (Certificate of Analysis) detailing our quality control and chemical testing procedures for your reference and peace of mind.
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We Always Use Protection
Our facility is fully FDA registered. All employees are masked, gloved, and hair-netted at all times and surfaces are sanitized frequently.
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Erecting The Future
We’re on a mission to destigmatize the sexual enhancement industry.

By destigmatizing products that are meant to be shared, creating shared experiences through our products.
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We've Got Chemistry
Composed of four aphrodisiac ingredients that are both flavorful and functional for all genders.
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Born In The USA
Tabs are formulated, crafted, and packaged in our FDA registered Utah facility.

Our dark chocolate is imported from Belgium and all of our dietary supplements are sourced through vetted, USA based suppliers.